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Leading Thai massage and spa:

Relaxation Therapy by Profession Therapist at our peaceful and comfortable therapy room.

Thai Massage


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage 60 Minutes / 120 Minutes
Relieving muscular ache from head to toe,
improve blood circulation and muscle activity, and thus, create body and mind relaxation.

Body Parts Massage


Head, Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
60 Minutes

Relieving head, back, neck, and shoulder muscular ache by massaging and applying Plai Oil (yellow herbal oil) at certain parts for better blood circulation and relaxation. This is good choice for persons who have upper body ache.

King Massage


(Mix & Match) 150 Minutes

(Thai Massage 60 Minutes, Oil Massage 60 Minutes
& Herbal Hot Compress 30 Minutes)

Firstly: we are using Thai Massage to relieve muscular ache from head to toe, by massaging and applying Plai Oil. Secondly: we follow up by Oil Massage to enhance skin reflection and relieve body tension. Thirdly: we conclude our treatment by Herbal Hot Compress to reduce body aches, muscular inflammations and stiffness, hence increasing total body and mind relaxation level

Thai Herbal Compress


Thai Herbal Hot Compress 120 Minutes

Relieving muscular ache from head to toe by using Thai herbal hot compress. Our Thai herbal hot compress is home-made of various kinds of Thai herbs, plus the using of appropriate amount of heat. The using of warm Thai herbs will help to reduce muscular stiffness, stimulate blood circulation, and reduce stress level.

Hands-Foot Massage

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Foot Massage for Health Care 60 Minutes

Rest the feet in warm water, scrub with aroma salt, and massage by using Reflexology technique to stimulate blood circulation, and relaxation.

Body Treatments


Body Scrub 60 Minutes

Process of getting rid of dead body cells, therefore, produces brighter cells. Scrub all over the body with the wide selection of product. Our products include tamarind scrub, and milk scrub. (Please ask for more choices as we intend to increase more kind of scrub in the future.)

Oil Massage


60 Minutes

Massage your body with pure oil to help brighten your skin reflection. Using oil and hand pressure to relax and relieve body tension.

Facial Treatment


60 Minutes

Give your face a special treatment with our facial therapy. With gentle fingertips and our special cream, your face will be rid of dead cells, improve facial blood circulation, reduce black spot and wrinkles. Your facial skin will be completely revitalized.


Our service include world wide air ticket, inbound and outbound tour, boat and bus ticket (to Siem Reap), as well as visa arrangement. We also love to provide our customer with personalize sight seeing tour program within Cambodia. We are also happy to provide any other kind of services related to travel and tours. Come and talk to us to make your stay in Cambodia a perfect and hassle free one.


Flying High with a Smile

Hours: Mon-Sat  08:00 – 17:00
Tel: 015 988988

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